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What is Mineral Body Wrap?

Lose Real Inches With Suddenly Slender Mineral Body Wraps

Suddenly Slender ~ The Body Wrap


Experience the benefits of the original and most effective body wrap and reduce unwanted inches off your body. Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap™ has beautified men and women for over 48 years and is the solution to visibly tighten, tone, and reshape your body.

Suddenly Slender body wrap products work with the original mineral formula invented by Victoria Morton fifty years ago.


The secret is the proprietary Slendertone mineral powder. A specific combination of food grade organic minerals are mixed in heated, purified water and absorbed into compression bandages which are applied over the entire body.

The mineral Body wraps will result in remineralized, healthier body, tightened and toned skin and reshaped body which is slimmed down by several inches from the trouble areas.

It also has a greatly detoxifying effect.

If one wishes to loose 1 dress size down it generally takes 10 wraps to achieve that.

Before after wrap.jpg

Body Wrap Menu:

One Mineral Body Wrap                                                               $135

Summer special! New clients first wrap only                           $99

5 Wraps package.                                                                         $695 (Savings $115)

(includes 1 extra free Wrap= 6 in total)

10 Wraps package.                                                                       $1350 (Savings $270)  

(includes 2 extra free Wraps= 12 in total)           



Wrap image person .jpg

"I can't wear my old pants because they are so loose!"

"I like the way my skin feels! Not so crepey!"

"Wow my waist-line is starting to show up. You are creating a shape!"

"The jiggle is gone!"

"I feel healthier doing the Mineral Wrap!"

"WOW. I expected nothing and got everything! My tights are visibly slender, I feel brightened up physically light and have this incredible overall good feeling in the body. I will be back."

"My wife noticed how my belly was much smaller."


Here are some testimonials from my clients:

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