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All facials include massage of face, neck, shoulders, upper back, décolleté, ears, hands & arms.
All products are 100% natural without toxic chemicals. The Signature Facial has exclusively clean Swiss made therapeutic ingredients.

Signature Facial by Carita

An ultra-relaxing facial, deep-cleans the pores, exfoliates dead skin cells and nourishes the face for a healthy, youthful look. Includes anti-age, lifting face massage.

$75 for 60 minutes.

Package of 5 = $300


Apollo’s Back Facial

Luxurious treatment for the upper back, neck and arms. Gentle steam to purify and clean pores with warm towels. Relaxing back massage & rejuvenating moisturizer to hydrate skin.

$75 for 60 minutes.

Package of 5 = $300


Aphrodite’s Microdermabrasion

Anti-aging treatment
Patented, non-surgical Facelift technology

$149 for 1 h 20min.

Package of 5 = $595 (Save $150) Package of 10 = $1100 (Save $390)


Calypso Anti Gravity Face Treatment

Thorough face massage to tone and lift facial muscles for a noticeably younger and youthful look with instant results.

$75 for 60 minutes.

Package of 5 =300 (Save $75)

Athena’s Rejuvenating Sea Salt Body Scrub for Glowy Skin

Light moisturizing massage to prepare your skin for the invigorating Sea Salt Scrub. Essential oils of your

choice & comforting warm towels.

$115 for 1h 15min.

Package of 5 =515 (Save $60) Package of 10 = $950 (Save $200)


Zeus Manly Men’s Facial

Therapeutic Facial geared specifically for the needs for men’s skincare. Deep cleanses the pores, calming mask to rejuvenate the skin with warm towels for relaxation.

$75 for 60min.

Harmonia’s Total Tranquility

Full Multi-step Facial with Pampering Sea Salt Scrub for legs and feet.

$125 for 1h 10min.

Package of 5 =535 (Save $90) Package of 10 = $1130 (Save $220)

Facial Nea client.png

Before and After Signature Facial:

Freckles woman before after.jpg

Before and After 1 Microdermabrasion:


Before and After Microdermabrasion package:

Mies facial before after .png


"You took years off my face!"


"I have gotten facials at other places and they dont even compare to yours, Carita. Truly amazing. Cant's wait for my next one.!"


"My skin is glowing!"


"Wow..Carita, you are the best! I wish I could do this every day!

I am so relaxed."


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